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Zahra Brown Interviews…Wren Ives (Death Trap)

Zahra Brown Interviews…Wren Ives (Death Trap)

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Today I’ll be interviewing Wren Ives, the star of Death Trap.

Ives is a twenty-one year old Londoner who lives with her father John, step-mother Joanna, and baby brother Winnie. After graduating with honours, she decided to travel the world before settling down. For the next six months, she’ll cross every continent from Europe to Africa. Well, that was the plan…

Hello, Wren. How are you?

I’m fine, thanks! This is pretty cool! I’ve never been on the radio before.

It must be nerve-wracking to be the star of Zia’s debut novel, DEATH TRAP.

Zia’s done a short story collection, You’re Next, but I’m honoured to lead her debut novel. They are her first published works, so I hope they do well!

Speaking of short story The Hair That Wasn’t There in You’re Next, wasn’t that Inspector Black’s debut?

Yes! God, he’s rude, obnoxious, a real jerk…Zia loves him. He’s already signed on for the Death Trap sequels, tentatively titled Death Trapped and Death Trappers, so it’ll be nice to see his character evolve. Maybe he’ll be nicer.

Probably not…So you haven’t signed on to the sequels?

No…Just the second one.

Are you worried?

Should I be?

Well, Death Trap is a crime thriller, so you might be killed off! Why else are you in book two but not book three?

Okay, what’s your problem? Maybe there’s a new star in the third one! Maybe Zia’s got another story for me! I might get my own series. Anyway, if this book sells well enough, I could just retire. Of course, I’d work again for a movie!

If you say so.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Good luck, Wren. Listeners, Wren will start her round the world trip tomorrow. She’ll take the train across the English Channel to Paris and then…Get the book and find out.

Find out what? What’s happening?

Remember, guys, Death Trap will be released in 2012. If you want more Inspector Black, you’ll find him in the short story The Hair That Wasn’t There available 2012. Also, keep an eye out for Death Trapped and Death Trappers, coming in 2012-2013.

death trappedmale silhouette into bright doorway